Hydro-nourishing facial cream

Regenerating action

This emulsion maximises skin's nutrition and hydration, reducing the visibility of pores and improving its tone as well as increasing its elasticity and resistance.

Suitable for all skin types and areas - including around the eyes - it is perfect for delicate, fragile or scaly skin, as well as those who suffer from couperose or premature ageing, benefiting from its protective, antioxidant action and its ability to strengthen capillaries.

All thanks to the natural action of its ingredients, which include Lavender, with antiseptic and healing properties; Shea butter and Wheatgerm oil, known for their moisturising, nourishing, emollient and smoothing effects; Liquorice, with anti-inflammatory properties, containing antioxidant flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress, ideal for calming sensitive skin; and Bilberry extract, an antioxidant that works to combat premature ageing and increases capillary strength. Alongside Bamboo shoot and stem extracts for resistance and smoothness.

Discover its natural cream colour, its aroma of rose with a background of vanilla, the fluid texture of this emulsion which will not block pores, and enjoy the sensation of having deeply-moisturised, elastic and naturally beautiful skin.

 60 ml | 100 ml | 250 ml


Aqua · Kaolin · Lavandula latifolia herb extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil · Vanilla planifolia fruit extract · Triticum vulgare germ oil · Butyrospermum parkii butter · Ricinus communis seed oil · Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract · Lecithin · Hectorite · Phyllostachys viridis · Bambusa arundinacea stem extract · Althaea officinalis root extract · Avena sativa kernel extract · Rosa canina fruit extract · Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract · Parfum · Sorbic acid · Tocopherol · Citronellol* · Geraniol* · Linalool*

(*)from its natural essential oils

  • Moisturises, providing elasticity and resilience to external changes. Emollient action.
  • Nourishes the skin deeply and improves impurity drainage.
  • Smoothes the skin, recovering and unifying it thanks to its vitamin content.
  • For all skin types, including contour of the eyes and lips

  • Ideal for fine, sensitive skin with couperosis and visible or broken veins

  • Very appropriate for skins with an allergic tendency to other cosmetics

  • Relief of dry and dehydrated skin

  • Dilated pores. Toneless and dull skin

  • Protects fragile skin sensitive to temperature changes

  • Efficient support for flaking skin

  • Essential for travelling (environmental changes, pollution...), ensures suppleness and resilience


  • Always shake before use. This is an exclusively natural product without chemical emulsifiers (surfactants).  

  • Apply always on clean skin, gently massaging and without rubbing the skin.

  • We recommend applying small doses of cream more frequently because the skin's absorption capacity is limited.

  • Maximise its benefits applying on skin previously moisturised with Bamboo virginal milk.

  • Add a few drops of Revitalising oil to increase moisturisation of very dry skins.


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