Our skin, which provides our contact with the outside world, is usually radiant with health in summer, as long as it is sensibly protected from excess sun. And at the other extreme, in cold weather, the capillaries contract, the blood flow is reduced, less oxygen and nutrients get to the cells, sebaceous secretion decreases, epidermis is drier.

A recommended and rewarding practice is to massage your still moist skin all-over with our body creams after a shower. You do not need much in terms of quantity - the cream quickly melts into the skin - an unmistakeable sign of its affinity.

This is all you need to look after your body as you do your face.

Rewarding it with nutrients and an exquisite softness, as well as helping greatly with important issues such as sagging, cellulite, stretch marks, thread veins, cuticles and nails, hands, feet, etc.

Healthy hygiene
The Phyto-active soap is safe and gentle to use, suitable for all, particularly delicate and sensitive skin types. It respect the skin's natural PH and its lipid barrier.

Bio-relaxing supplements
Floral waters, rich in plants of exceptional organic quality, like Lemon, Lemon balm, Lavender, Hawthorn, Vetiver and Mint, among others, that bring together depurative, diuretic, antiseptic, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects.

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