Floral scalp essence

Regulating and balancing

A unique natural lotion that regulates hair cycles and balances its functions, guaranteeing healthier, stronger hair. It restores and protects the scalp and is very effective against problems such as itching, dandruff, scaliness, grease, etc.

This product is very rich in water-soluble and dermo-compatible nutrients from Nettle and Nasturtium which supply all the necessary trace elements and phyto-actives to regulate seborrhoea and strengthen the hair; from calming and restorative Calendula; from Lavender, offering sun protection; and Bamboo extracts, for strength and resistance, among other ingredients. Enhanced by aromatherapy compounds that maintain the balance of the scalp's flora.

It keeps the scalp clean, allowing you to reduce the number of times you need to wash your hair, thus avoiding the negative action of detergents. It should be applied to the scalp, before combing or after washing, lightly massaged in using fingertips and allowed to act.

Discover its fresh, citrus aroma, with a green, vegetal note, its liquid lotion texture and feel your clean and relaxed scalp, activated to work as it should.

60 ml | 250 ml


Aqua • Urtica dioica extract • Tropaeolum majus extract • Calendula officinalis flower extract • Medicago sativa extract • Phyllostachys viridis • Bambusa arundinacea stem extract • Parfum • Lactic acid • Limonene* • Linalool*• Citral*

(*)from its natural essential oils

  • Restores and protects the scalp, a basis for healthy hair, adequately nourishing the root and enhancing hair growth.

  • Regulates the hair cycles and balances its functions.

  • Maintains the scalp and hair clean, which in turn allows reducing the washing frequency and avoids the negative effects of detergents.

  • Minimises or compensates hair disorders derived from the lack of nutrients due to chemical aggressions, inadequate diets and stress, all of which interfere with hair growth.


  • All hair types

  • Daily hygiene of fragile and damaged hair (avoid excessive washing)

  • Mitigates itching

  • Ideal treatment for hair loss and tendency to baldness

  • Hair disorders: scabs, dandruff, seborrhea…

  • Shake before use. Apply on scalp before combing. Spread performing a gentle massage with your fingertips. Let it act.

  • It can also be applied after washing the hair with Phyto-active shampoo, on a wet scalp.

  • Avoid fast and harsh rubbing that generates flaking and irritates the scalp.

  • Daily use if the hair is very weak, damaged or styled (dyes, bleaching, perms, henna...)


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