Natural treatment for the hair and scalp because they form part of our appearance and also reflect our overall health.

It is important to remember that the chemical ingredients that shampoos, hair dyes, hair sprays, bleaches, mousses, de-colorizers, etc. usually increase topic stress as they are in contact with the scalp, causing itching, flaking, dandruff, etc.

Professional hairdressers know that stress is one of the reasons for excessive hair loss, as the nervous system itself acts on the hair's life cycles (anagen, catagen and telogen phases.) If these are speeded up, hair lives for less time and is not properly nourished, making it drier, more fragile and brittle and it looks dull, weak and lacklustre.

Adequate healthy haircare should be based on formulas that evoke the results of a gentle and effective cranial massage. And it should minimise and/or correct any damaging effects, helping the scalp and the hair to recover their balance and functionality.

Devoting a little more time to capillary hygiene is highly recommendable to absorb the important active ingredients.

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