Bamboo virginal milk

Organic vegetal lotion

A balsamic and cleansing organic tonic, it cleans, nourishes, purifies, relaxes and oxygenates the skin, while also increasing its capacity for resistance and adaptability.

Its natural ingredients include Benzoin, which has soothing and anti-infective properties; Cornflower, which has antiseptic, conditioning and soothing properties; and Violet, with purifying and smoothing effects that help maintain a uniform complexion. It is also enhanced with Bamboo shoot and stem extracts, providing amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, like silicon, which strengthen tissues and increase their flexibility.

Bask in its aromas of flowers, exotic tree gums and vanilla, its refreshing vegetal milk texture and feel the immediate relief of having clean, relaxed, soothed and velvety skin.

 60 ml | 100 ml | 250 ml


Aqua, Phyllostachys viridis, Bambusa arundinacea stem extract • Styrax benzoin resin extract • Myroxylon balsamum balsam extract • Centaurea cyanus flower extract • Dipteryx odorata bean extract • Viola odorata flower/leaf extract • Parfum • Limonene*
(*)from its natural essential oils

  • Purifies, moisturises and respects the pH of the skin, providing smoothness and freshness, easily and effectively penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin. It nourishes with water-soluble vitamins from groups B and C.
  • Oxygenates and enhances complexion beauty whilst greatly nourishing the cells.
  • Relieves and relaxes the skin, toning and enhancing elasticity. It calms and relieves the contour of the eyes. It mitigates skin irritations and reddening, especially after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • For all skin types

  • Special care of fine or sensitive complexions, and/or skin with couperosis

  • Recommended after bathing newborns and children

  • Apply after the Skin mask, the Bamboo vegetable peel or the Sea & earth biological complex to relax and purify the skin

  • Relieves contour of the eyes and puffy morning eyelids

  • Efficient support for skins prone to redness, itching…

  • A true must before and after travelling to deal effectively with pressure and weather changes (aircraft cockpits, ships, mountaineering...)

  • Always shake before use.
  • Apply in the morning. Spray on or pour over a cotton disk. Apply with gentle strokes or slight circular movements.
  • At any time of the day, if your skin feels taut or tired, when there are sudden temperature changes or after a long day in front of the computer or under artificial light.
  • Place a cotton disk soaked in the product for a few minutes on swollen eyelids for fast relief.
  • Apply directly with the hands or a sponge for the daily hygiene of children.
  • It can be used before applying any dulkamara bamboo cream. For best results, do it while the skin is still wet from the Bamboo virginal milk.

Combining Bamboo virginal milk with Revitalising oil is an extremely moisturising mixture that maximises suppleness and their rejuvenating effect. Recommended on cold mornings and for the contour of the eyes.

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