Restorative bioemulsion

Regenerating care

A natural, balanced and organic formula, inspired by regenerative plants associated with valuable Mediterranean essences, that repairs, protects, purifies tissues and keeps the skin moisturised over a long period of time.

An excellent option for general skincare and the areas that suffer the most damage, such as hands, nails and feet.

Its active ingredients include Lavender and Rosemary, rich in rosmarinic acid and flavonoids, with a soothing and decongestive action; Sage and Helichrysum, which have an invigorating effect on muscles and joints; Witch-hazel and Peppermint that improve circulation and drainage; Bamboo and Shiitake with essential amino acids and minerals that improve skin regeneration; while Coconut and Cocoa protect the lipid layer of the epidermis and avoid dryness.

It is easily applied through relaxing massage, remembering that the healthy condition of the skin is a reflection of the inside of our body.

Discover its sweet, citrus aroma, its light, creamy and fluid texture that melts into the body and see how your skins feels rejuvenated, relaxed and extra soft.

 60 ml | 250 ml


Aqua ·  Kaolin ·  Lavandula latifolia herb extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil ·  Cocos nucifera oil ·  Salvia officinalis leaf extract ·  Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract ·  Helychrisum italicum extract ·  Theobroma cacao seed butter ·  Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract ·  Lecithin ·  Hectorite ·  Hamamelis virginiana bark/leaf extract ·  Mentha spicata herb extract ·  Phyllostachys viridis ·  Bambusa arundinacea stem extract ·  Lentinula edodes extract ·  Parfum ·  Glicolic acid ·  Sorbic acid ·  Tocopherol ·  Limonene* ·  Coumarin* ·  Citral*

(*) from its natural essence oils

  • Tones, soothes, de-stresses, relaxes and increases hand and foot suppleness. Regenerates dry skin.

  • Restores the most common skin damage to hands: ageing and irregular pigmentation.

  • Protects nails and hand and foot skin against environmental stress, nail-deforming fungus, etc.

  • Increases skin suppleness and smoothness by restoring the skin lipid barrier.

  • For all skin types and for the preventive care of nails, hands and feet in a regular and healthy state

  • Dry, brittle nails with side splinters, layering, flaking, scratching, etc.

  • Thickened and/or hardened cuticles that hide the nail lunula, totally or partially

  • Hands with dehydrated, rough, coarse epidermis, without elasticity or with small cracks or blemishes

  • Rough, fatigued, toneless, stressed, hurting feet that feel stiffened and need relaxation, etc.


  • Always shake before use.

  • Apply the emulsion and gently massage the cuticles (specially before removing or clipping them) and nails.

  • Massage repeatedly from the tip of your fingers towards the wrist (hands) or towards the instep or ankle (feet).

  • Repeat this operation several times a day if necessary.

  • The product has a light feel and absorbs rapidly, so it has no greasy afterfeel on the skin.

  • Both the cuticle and nail treatment and the hand and foot treatment can be performed dry or gently soaking the area you want to treat in lukewarm water.


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