It is important to look after your skin in order to make shaving easier. If skin is duly hydrated and regenerates on a daily basis it will be more resistant and handle the passing of the razor better, thereby avoid problems that can arise after shaving. Here are some simple guidelines:

Apply a few drops of revitalising oil onto wet skin before applying foam or gel to establish a double insulation layer between the razor and the skin. This is very useful for the second passing of the razor.

After shaving, apply one of the following skin repair options not only in the shaving zone but the skin of the whole face:

Soothing bamboo sap with antiseptic properties, for those who like a liquid after-shave sensation.

For sunny days, apply virgin bamboo milk on the face and while still moist add SPF6 bioactive cream to soothe and restore your skin.

For other conditions and particularly on cold days, mix virgin bamboo milk with revitalising oil in the palm of the hand and apply to soothe and revitalise your skin.

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