Purging is a cosmetic action that is vital to eliminate toxins and impurities and oxygenate the epidermis. Carried out with natural products that work deep down, we achieve an "unblocking" and powerful cleansing effect by "opening" the skin.

Our natural Skin mask, with an intense purifying effect, absorbs impurities and toxins, regulates sebaceous secretion (acne, comedones, blackheads, etc.), it oxygenates the epidermis, firms tissues, refines pores and minimises blemishes.

Applied as a thick layer it increases the temperature of the area on which it is applied, and as such, it should be applied in thinner layers on more delicate and sensitive skin to minimise its heating action.

Soak up its aroma of clays and resins with a gentle citrus essence. After shaking the product well, feel its thick, creamy texture and its effect on your now purified skin, taut and youthful.

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