Like plants, the skin needs to cleanse, hydrate, nourish, strengthen and protect itself. It also needs the right active ingredients to help maintain a correct balance and assist natural renewal processes. If the skin deteriorates over time or due to external aggravation, these ingredients can help it to regenerate so it can continue to provide its protective functions.

Our skin care products mimic the natural activity of the human organism through the basic functions of cleansing, hydration, micro-nutrition and protection, working right down to the very deepest layers of the skin.

We avoid using any additives that could potentially block the skin’s natural flows, alter its thermoregulatory functions or the cutaneous flora of the epidermis, causing irritation or premature ageing of the skin.

In Nature, everything has a cycle. Just as plants follow a cycle during their growth, the human skin has its own cycle of natural regeneration and renewal. dulkamara bamboo fully respects these natural cycles to ensure that its action is both effective and long-lasting

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