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The sun offers multiple beneficial properties for our bodies and if enjoyed with moderation can be positive for our health and the beauty of our skin.

During exposure to the sun, the skin becomes more sensitive to external substances. The use of cosmetics with additives can therefore trigger harmful skin reactions and weaken our defences.
Skin can prematurely age if it is exposed to more than the ideal amount for each person.

Ultraviolet radiation resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun leads to a decrease in collagen levels in the skin, reducing the elasticity of tissues and causing premature ageing of the skin, along with dehydration and accumulation of free radicals.
It may also lead to an increase in vascular alterations on the surface of very fine or sensitive skins, such as couperosis due to hypersensitivity.

To counter the noxious effects of excessive exposure to sunlight, it is important to nourish the skin with oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids to prevent dehydration and ageing of the skin, wrinkles, flaccidity and marks.

The recommended products help to strengthen your skin’s natural defence systems.

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