Synchronised natural treatment to cleanse, nourish and tone your skin.

Our skin care products respect the body’s natural activity through two basic functions: cleansing and micro-nutrition. The skin’s pores must be kept clean and able to ‘breathe’ freely to absorb the active ingredients we offer in our products, and also to allow excretion of toxins.

This skin cleansing process is complemented with a range of directly assimilable nutrients and active ingredients (essential amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts, tannins, flavonoids, trace elements, etc.) which allow the skin to perform its functions correctly.

Our bio-cleansers not only work on the surface, they also target deeper skin layers, activating internal cleansing systems and cell regeneration through five synchronised functions:

Surface cleansing, involving application of the product with a cotton wad slowly applied to the skin with circular movements without pressing or rubbing.

Face and eye makeup remover.

Deep cleansing to activate internal lymphatic mechanisms, also acting as a chelating agent to purge heavy metals from the epidermis.

Toning to regulate the sebaceous glands, refine the pores and tighten the skin.

A nutritious serum due to its high concentration of active ingredients rich in basic properties and enzymes. This means we administer a wide range of nutrients while at the same time cleansing the skin.

After applying our bio-cleansers your skin will be clean, toned, smooth and relaxed with refined pores and a prolonged sensation of well-being.

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