Through these bio-cosmetic products, perfectly created to be skin-friendly, we invite you to enjoy the harmonious relationship between nature and the human body.

Our laboratory is located in one of Navarra's most beautiful pre-Pyrenean valleys, among oak and beech trees, alongside rivers of crystalline water. This is the place where our formulas are instilled with the peace and values of the natural surroundings.

The selected raw materials bring together the main organic and bio-available active ingredients that play a role in maintaining the skin's optimum balance, in harmony with its structure and functions.

The indulgent care of our exquisitely careful production process allows our products to transmit all the richness and original purity of the ingredients, making them feel naturally delightful.

In this way, with the right ingredients, the correct level of hydration, protected against external aggressions, firm and flexible, the skin will look its healthiest and natural best.



We base our products on carefully selected and tested raw materials of the highest quality, obtained from certified organic farming or sourced from the wild. They are plants, first cold-pressed unsaturated vegetable oils and essential oils obtained through steam distillation or cold pressing.

All the ingredients are compatible with the human body and also compatible with one another and are used in our formulas at the correct dosage, as in a complete and balanced diet. Would you put something on your skin that you wouldn’t eat?

Without undergoing any chemical processes, we only craft our products using physical processes, natural transformation cycles, extractions, enfleurages, macerations, emulsions... in order to preserve the natural properties of all the raw materials.

We don't use ingredients of animal origin (waxes, lanolin…), artificial colourings, chemical emulsifiers, saturated fats or petrol derivatives (glycerine, vaseline, silicones...) or preservatives like parabens, phenoxyethanol, etc. We do not experiment on animals, nor do we generate contaminating residues.

Total respect for the body, nature and the environment.

dulkamara bamboo values




A plant with multiple uses that evokes resistance, flexibility and environmental adaptability. We transfer these important qualities to the skin with the aim of lessening the deterioration caused by fatigue, inclement weather and other external aggressions.

It is a genuine nutri-cosmetic, a source of organic nutrients in a bio-available state, meaning that they are easily absorbed by the human body. It includes, among other active principles, vitamins A, C, E, K, B6 and trace elements.

Silicon stands out among the trace elements. Involved in the synthesis of collagen (connective tissue), it contributes to the building and elasticity of the skin. As well as other health-related actions, it makes the fragile capillaries more resistant, helps to restore loose and wrinkled skin, strengthens nails and gives hair greater vitality.

Present in our formulas and an indispensable part of our concept of healthy beauty actions, Bamboo reminds us that the look of the epidermis is a reflection of what is happening in the deepest layers of our skin.



Our formulas are enriched by the presence of select natural essential oils that interact with the rest of vegetal ingredients to generate far-reaching and highly effective phytotherapeutic and aromatherapeutic results.

These rich synergies between ingredients, achieved by our scientific team, result in polyvalent products which offer, in themselves, a complete and effective dermo-aesthetic treatment.

In this way, we can succeed in treating our skin holistically, with fewer products. As the products are also compatible with one another, they offer us the possibility of varying, personalising and designing beauty treatments or plans, mixing the products together or experimenting with different ways and aspects of applying them.

Let’s give in to our imagination, let ourselves be guided by our tastes and feelings... because everyone's skin is unique.


The relationship of complicity between dulkamara bamboo and skin is achieved through bio-sustainable organic crops that are harvested in strict accordance with the plant’s life cycle.

To preserve their natural properties, our products solely rely on physical processes such as distillation, enfleurage, maceration, emulsions and natural transformation cycles in order to meet the needs of your skin while taking into account its own life cycles and its constant capacity for renewal and self-repair.

Our dulkamara bamboo products are perfectly adapted to the cycles of Nature, allowing your skin to assimilate all their active ingredients and nutrients with ease and enhancing their results the longer they are left to act.

Fully certified organic production process.

BIO certification by the CPAEN (Board of Organic Agriculture of Navarra).



After years of research and development in constant pursuit of the passionate objective of combining beauty and health, we have conceived formulas that help to maintain your skin’s natural balance and physiological functions.

Our laboratory, Aurum Cosmetic, has made major advances in the natural cosmetics sector, imposing the strictest of standards to ensure we use ingredients with the maximum purity and proven effectiveness.

We reject formulations containing substances that do not respect the skin’s natural structure, which can destabilise its protective properties, block its natural flow or even be harmful to your skin.



There can be no doubt regarding the enormous importance of the skin, the most extensive organ of our body, and its role as a protective barrier and a nexus allowing our internal organism to ‘breathe’ and regulate bodily fluids. However, an equally important aspect is its external appearance, which undoubtedly deserves our full respect and utmost care.

We have applied the same respect and care to capture the essence of each plant from the roots, shoots and stems in order to harness their wealth of beneficial properties for your skin.

Our cosmetics pamper, protect and tone your skin, enhancing its functions and restoring the natural splendour of the epidermis.

Masterly formulas blended for maximum skin affinity.



dulkamara bamboo offers a balanced combination of phyto-active ingredients that form a complete regime for the well-being of the skin.

It supplies vital bio-available nutrients: trace elements (silicon, magnesium, zinc and iron, among others), amino acids, vitamins, essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9), tannins, carotenes, anthocyanins, flavonoids... all in adequate concentrations and doses.

This great wealth of natural ingredients - veritable ‘building blocks’ for the skin - reach its deepest layers through natural synergies.

The work takes place from the inside and its results are reflected on the outside in the form of healthier, naturally beautiful, splendid and younger-looking skin.

All of our products can be used as both preventative and corrective measures, with the peace of mind of knowing that they will never damage your skin.

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