A plant with multiple uses that evokes resistance, flexibility and environmental adaptability. We transfer these important qualities to the skin with the aim of lessening the deterioration caused by fatigue, inclement weather and other external aggressions.

It is a genuine nutri-cosmetic, a source of organic nutrients in a bio-available state, meaning that they are easily absorbed by the human body. It includes, among other active principles, vitamins A, C, E, K, B6 and trace elements.

Silicon stands out among the trace elements. Involved in the synthesis of collagen (connective tissue), it contributes to the building and elasticity of the skin. As well as other health-related actions, it makes the fragile capillaries more resistant, helps to restore loose and wrinkled skin, strengthens nails and gives hair greater vitality.

Present in our formulas and an indispensable part of our concept of healthy beauty actions, Bamboo reminds us that the look of the epidermis is a reflection of what is happening in the deepest layers of our skin.

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